This is an ideal excursion for those of you who do not have enough time to see all of the island, however with this excursion you can visit the most beautiful places here on Tenerife.

During this excursion it will not be possible for you to experience the cable car ride to reach the peak of Teide but there will be a great opportunity to cross the old crater in Las Canadas del Teide, it is 18  km in diameter, also we will be visiting the most beautiful places in  the northern part of the island.

During this excursion we will take you up past 450  km above sea level, sitting on a comfortable coach and looking at different places, which should be seen by all Tenerife`s visitors.

As this is a coach trip, a large part of the landscape will be seen from the coach, although during this excursion we will be stopping at seven different places, where you can enjoy the exciting sights and have a lunch break as well.

First stop will be  the highest village in Spain ,Vilaflor, located 1400m above sea level. We stop at a small canarian bar where you will be able to buy water or enjoy a traditional local barraquito coffee (espresso with condensed milk, orange liqueur and cinnamon) or leche leche (espresso with condensed milk, a small amount of milk and sugar, as well as the tasty almond biscuits.

We will then continue on our journey to the National Park of  Las Canadas del Teide, where we will be stopping  at two different areas, Garcia rocks (Roque de Gracia) and Las Minas de San José (Las Minas de San Jose), these places are where several movies have been filmed, the legendary “Lord of the rings” and very recently “The clash of the titans”. Crossing the road of Las Canadas, it will lead us down through the beautiful La Orotava Valley, in the North of the Island.

At el rancho "Oasis del valle" you will have a chance to try a real canarian lunch and have a walk through the gardens, where you will be able to see a variety of exotic plants and flowers. Canarian lunch includes the island`s traditional soup "Rancho" and for the main meal you will be able to choose from beef, pork, chicken or fish, dessert and unlimited amounts of wine. Lunch costs (13euro) and is not included in the excursion price.

After lunch we visit an old town which was founded in the year 1501,Icod de los Vinos. Here you will be able to participate in the guided tour, visiting the church of San Marcos, the famous dragon tree and wine tasting in the “Museum of  Malvasia”. It is here that you have the chance to buy the local wines, Canarian cheeses, mojos and many other things that you may not find in your resort.

If you are with children, then a trip to the butterfly museum is a must and a wonderful experience. Price of the butterfly museum is 7.50 euros for adults and 4 euros for children.

After visiting Icod, we then continue to the charming town of Garachico. In ancient times it was a major port and it was from here that the Malvasia or Canary wines and other products were exported to Russia and England. However, Garachico was partially destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1706. In this  town  you will be able to see the natural swimming pools made by the volcanic eruption, the castle of San Miguel, the old port and the  monument of emigrants.

Forty five minutes later on the side of a mountain road you will be able to see the village of Masca, where until very recently have lived real pirates. Yet only 25 years ago Masca was not accessible by road, to reach the village, people had to take a small trip over the Atlantic ocean and then 5 to 6 hours by foot  over the mountain trail to reach a height of  800 meters. At the village you will have enough time to enjoy the beauty of the island`s oldest area (Teno), to take some beautiful photos and relax.

Approximately an hour later you'll be taken back to your hotels. If within the group there are tourists staying in the los Gigantes area, you will have a wonderful opportunity to marvel at the magnificent cliffs of los Gigantes (El mirador de Los Gigantes).  In this case, the tour will take 40-50 minutes longer than usual.

Available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from   9:00 to 18:30

Excursion price 28 euros for adults, for children 17 euros.