Medieval Night

Let us take you back to the medieval times where you will spend the evening as they did back then in the olden times!

The event taking place is held in an authentic medieval castle built in San Miguel which is located in the south of the island.

When arriving at the castle, the king and queen will accompany you to the arena. The show begins with a medieval knight's debut, you will be given a coloured bib and this colour will represent the colour of your knight, you can cheer for your knight throughout the show whilst enjoying their contests of swordsmanship and jousting.

During the evening you will be able to watch the tournaments, enjoy a meal in medieval style (eating is performed by fingers, so keep in mind that clothing can become dirty) For  your dinner  you will be offered chicken, pork, hot baked potatoes, and other medieval delicacies, as well as unlimited red and white wine, water and orange juice.

When the show and tournaments are over, you will be taken to another part of the castle, where you will be able to sit and watch our vibrant flamenco show.

The Medieval show is available on Thursday and Saturday ~ 18:00 (bus collection) 24.00.

Event price (including show, dinner and bus) - 52 EUR for adults, EUR 26 for children.