Half day Teide

Use this opportunity to visit the highest peak of Spain, the famous, almost 4 km high volcano (Mount Teide).

The objective of this trip is not only to enjoy the charm of the National Park "Las Cañadas del Teide" but also to  have the possibility of going up on the cable car from the base station and to spend  time closer to the crater and to see the island from an altitude  of 3550 meters. The only time that you may not be able to go on the cable car is if there are strong winds and in this case it will be closed for safety reasons.

This excursion starts in Las Americas or Los Cristianos, depending on where the last costumers have been collected. Our first stop will be the highest village in Spain, Vilaflor, located 1400m above sea level. We will stop at a small canarian bar where you will be able to buy water  or enjoy a traditional local barraquito coffee (espresso with condensed  milk, orange liqueur and cinnamon) or Leche-Leche (espresso with condensed milk, hot milk and  sugar), as well as the tasty almond biscuits.

Later we will continue on the road that will lead us up through the mountains and onto the National Park "Las Canadas del Teide, here is where we will stop at the Garcia rocks (Roque de  Gracia) and the cable car station.

Travelling through the old crater, which is at least 180 000 years old, we will arrive at the Garcia rocks, these have wonderful natural shapes which have been obtained as a result of erosion. It is here that you will be able to enjoy a short walk and photos.

At the cable car station you will be able to travel to the top of Teide, the cable car can take you up to an altitude of 3550 m, from here you will have unforgettable views over the national park, Tenerife and if the weather is good, you may be able to see our other neighbouring islands.

Note that the price for the cable car is not included in the price of our excursion. The return journey on the cable car including the time to purchase your tickets, will take approximately ½ hour.

If you would like to get closer to the volcanic crater then, you will need to obtain  special permission. This can be found on, www.reservasparquesnacionales.es just send them your required dates, names passport details and within a couple of days you will receive confirmation that you will need to print out and bring this with you. However note that the standard excursion does not give you sufficient time for this, so you will need to find an alternative option to travel up to Teide.

Once we have finished at Teide and everyone had boarded the coach, we will continue on a different route home passing the islands second largest volcano Pico Viejo and Las Narizes del Teide (the nostrils of Teide). Clients staying in the resort of Los Gigantes will be the first to be dropped off so this will also give everyone else the opportunity to see the majestic cliffs which are the oldest here on the island. If we do stop at Los Gigantes then this will add an additional 40-50 minutes onto our journey home.

Available Mondays, Wednesdays 13:00 -18:30, Saturdays 9:00 – 15:00

*Price for the cable car - 25 euro  adults,  12.50 for children under the age of 13,under 2 will be free.

Excursion price – 22 euro for adults,  12 euro for children.